Kairos Adult Forum

Kairos Adult Form is a time each Sunday of enrichment for mind and spirit. A mix of timely topics, Bible Study, and theological exploration are presented by scholars, theologians and other professionals. Kairos meets at 8:45 a.m. and 10:05 a.m. in the Fireside Room. The same topic is presented at both times. If you typically worship at 10:45 a.m., feel free to come to the 10:05 a.m. Kairos session and leave at 10:45 a.m. for the start of worship.

Fall 2019 Themes & Speakers

September 22–Together in Faith: Incarnation & Camp Wapo

Heather Eggert, Executive Director, Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp

Since 1995, Incarnation has sent youth and young adults to Camp Wapo, an extension of the ministry at Incarnation. Participants see, hear, and experience the good news of Jesus Christ in new and engaging ways. Heather Eggert, Executive Director for Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp, will tell us about the ministry and mission of Wapo and its impact on Incarnation campers.

Heather Eggert is Executive Director for Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp.  She believes in the powerful faith formation that happens in outdoor ministry and has a deep appreciation for the quiet of the north woods at Wilderness Canoe Base and the loud, joyous singing with abandon that occurs around the campfires at Wapo and Ox Lake.

September 29–Incarnation & LSS: The Church in Service Together

The Rev. Kathryn Tiede, Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota (LSS)

The Rev. Kathryn Tiede, Lutheran Social Service, will discuss the partnership Incarnation has had with Lutheran Social Service for many years, especially through LifeHaven, a home for teenage moms.  LSS serves one out of every 65 Minnesotans and reaches every county in our state as well as nationally with financial counseling and disaster services and internationally through adoption.

The Rev. Kathryn Tiede is Senior Director of Church Partnerships and Philanthropy at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.  Previous to this position, Kathryn Tiede served as the pastor at Living Waters Lutheran in Lino Lakes, MN.  Kathryn holds degrees from Macalester College, Harvard Divinity School, and the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

October 6 & October 13–Discipleship in Matthew’s Gospel: Blessed to Be a Blessing

Dr. Marty Stortz, Augsburg University

Each gospel is an argument for discipleship.  What’s the argument in the gospel of Matthew?  Why is that relevant to Christians today?  In the next two presentations Dr. Marty Stortz, Augsburg University, will explore the arc of discipleship in Matthew’s gospel, beginning with the first sermon in Jesus’ public ministry, his sermon on the mount.

Dr. Marty Stortz teaches in the religion department at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, where she has served as the Bernhard M. Christensen Chair for the past ten years.  Prior to this call, she taught at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley CA. She writes and speaks widely on discipleship, pilgrimage, and multi-religious issues.

October 20–My Immigration Story: From Guatemala to Minnesota

Luis Cuyun, Immigrant & Activist

Immigration has always been part of the human story. Luis Cuyun, immigrant/activist, will explore the realities of people from Central America who are facing the difficult decision to leave everything they know and love behind in search of hope. This is a critical time to establish communication between the people of the US and Central America. Luis Cuyun moved to Minneapolis in 2000 and will share his story.

Luis was born in Guatemala and moved to Minneapolis with his wife, Zamara, and their two children, Phoebe and Javi, in the early 2000’s. Luis’ career is in Information Technology. He serves on the Board of Directors for Sister Parish Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to building relationships in solidarity between communities of faith in the US and in Guatemala and El Salvador.

October 27–Lutherans in America: The Future of Our Past

Dr. Mark Granquist, Luther Seminary

Dr. Mark Granquist, Luther Seminary, will both look back and look forward as we are reminded that this is the 400th anniversary of the first Lutherans in North America. We’ll think together about what our history means, what it does for us today, and what our history might mean for our future as Lutherans together.

Dr. Mark Granquist is Professor of the History of Christianity at Luther Seminary and Affiliated Professor of Johannelund School of Theology, Uppsala, Sweden. He is the author of many books related to our Lutheran heritage and the editor of Word and World and the Journal of the Lutheran Historical Conference.

November 3–Who’s an Evangelical? The History of a Contentious Term

Dr. Chris Gehrz, Bethel University

During the Protestant Reformation, followers of Martin Luther called themselves “evangelicals.” Over 500 years later, Lutherans still use that term — but so too do other Protestants, heirs to movements like Puritanism, Pietism, Revivalism, Fundamentalism, and Pentecostalism. We’ll sort through the contentious history of this term — and ask whether it’s still meaningful in 2019.

Christopher Gehrz (PhD, Yale) is professor of history at Bethel University in Arden Hills, where he teaches courses on religious, diplomatic, military, and European history. The author or editor of three books on Pietism, including 2017’s The Pietist Option, Chris is currently writing a “spiritual, but not religious” biography of Charles A. Lindbergh. He blogs regularly at The Pietist Schoolman and The Anxious Bench. Chris attends Roseville Lutheran Church with his wife and children.

November 10–Veterans’ Experiences via Storytelling Therapies

Dr. Mike Koopmeiners, US Department of Veterans Affairs, retired & Incarnation Member

Veterans returning from military life frequently suffer from traumatic experiences related to combat. This affects re-integration into civilian life.  Storytelling is an evolving therapy to assist and support re-entry.  Incarnation member, Dr. Mike Koopmeiners, served as senior medical advisor for veteran disability claims.  He will share some traumatic stories and suggest how our faith community can support veterans.

Dr. Mike Koopmeiners retired June 2018 from the US Department of Veteran Affairs after 14 years of service. He served as Medical Director for Primary and Specialty Medicine for Midwest Region Health Care Network. His work included treatment for veterans’ chronic pain, mental illness, suicide attempts, and the processing of disability claims.  Dr. Koopmeiners is a member of Incarnation.

November 17–Building a Community of Hope

Brian Molohon, Salvation Army

Despite growing issues of poverty, hunger and homelessness in our community there is hope.  Brian Moholon, Executive Director of Development for The Salvation Army Northern Division, will inform us of the latest data and strategies of the Salvation Army in building a community of hope, which will provide life-changing services for Minnesota’s most vulnerable individuals and families.

Brian Moholon is Executive Director of Development for the Salvation Army, Northern Division. He hopes to forge new and strategic partnerships with businesses whose values align with The Salvation Army’s mission to provide life-changing services for Minnesota’s most vulnerable individuals and families. He has spent 25 years in leadership roles at some of the state’s top nonprofits.  He has a BA from University of MN, Mankato and MBA from City University, Seattle Washington.

November 24: No Kairos Presentation

December 1 & December 8–The Mind of Christ in Our Lives

Dr. David Tiede, President Emeritus and emeritus Professor of New Testament of Luther Seminary

The Apostle Paul gave his communities Christian wisdom and courage in the midst of the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the dominant Roman Order. At Incarnation Lutheran , we are called to embody the “Mind of Christ” in our world of many economic, political, and spiritual powers, i.e. to “Mind the Gap.” In these two sessions, we will explore the Apostle’s profound counsel for Christian living in Philippians 2 and I Corinthians 2.

David Tiede is an emeritus Professor of New Testament and President of Luther Seminary. He and his wife Muffy have many bonds with Incarnation, and he is grateful for one more opportunity to “dwell in the word” with the saints (and sinners) of the congregation.


There will be no Kairos presentation on December 15, 22 or 29. Kairos will resume January 5, 2020.


Questions about Kairos? Contact Pastor Jeanne Hartfield.