Kairos Adult Forum

Our Kairos Adult Forum meets every other Monday night on Zoom as an enrichment for the mind and soul. With a mix of timely topics, Bible Study, and theological explorations, each of these classes is presented by scholars, theologians and other professionals. Mark your calendars for September 13 and 27, October 11 and 25, November 8 and 22, and December 6. Sessions begin each night at 7:00 p.m. sharp! Following the presentation there will be opportunity to interact with the presenter by asking questions and by sharing what connected with you. 

The Fall At-a-Glance Schedule

September 13: “Navigating Differences That Make a Difference – The IDI as Tool & Guide” Presenter: The Rev. Peter Harrits, Assistant to the Bishop, St. Paul Area Synod

September 27: “Wayfinding: Paths to Co-creating a Better World” Incarnation Presenters: Deb Rykken, Greta Grosch, Kristin Passaro and Becky Benson

October 11: “Shattered to Whole” Presenter: The Rev. Jason Lukis, Jonathan House

October 25: “Finding Hope in a Divided Country” Presenter: The Rev. Angela Denker, ELCA Pastor and Journalist

November 8: “Nationally Recognized Nonprofit Addresses Homelessness” Presenter: Andrea Kish-Bailey, Solid Ground

November 22: “Building Community for the Homeless” Presenter: Gabrielle Clowdus, CEO and Founder of Settled

December 6: “The Prophetic Narratives: A Glimpse Into the Ministry of Elisha” Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Travis West, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI


September 13
“Navigating Differences That Make a Difference – The IDI as Tool & Guide”
Presenter: The Rev. Peter Harrits
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Many of us talk the talk but are less effective at walking the walk when it comes to building local and global partnerships that are mutually transformative, leaning into the challenges of anti-racism and diversity. Participants will receive an overview of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a tool used to discover one’s intercultural competence. They will also learn about the developmental theory upon which the IDI was built and identify ways the IDI can be used in congregations like Incarnation.

About the presenter:
The Rev. Peter Harrits joined the St. Paul Area Synod in January 2014 as Director of Bega Kwa Bega (BKB), our Tanzania mission with the Iringa Diocese. In that role, Peter oversees the overall work of the BKB partnership and supervises a team of volunteers related to the work of Bega Kwa Bega. As an Assistant to the Bishop, Peter has been trained as a qualified administrator of the (IDI). He is able to provide coaching for groups to become more effectively engaged in diversity and the work of anti-racism.

September 27
“Wayfinding: Paths to Co-creating a Better World”
Presenters: Deb Rykken, Greta Grosch, Kristin Passaro , Becky Benson
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Currently there is a lot of discussion on Inclusion and Belonging. What are some actions we can take to promote a community of Inclusion and Belonging in our own circles of influence in order to co-create a better world? Using some of the information gathered from the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the presenters will discuss actions we can take as a community to answer these questions. Experience with the IDI is not necessary to gain from this session.

About the presenters:
The Racial Justice Working Group: Deb Rykken, Greta Grosch, Kristin Passaro, and Becky Benson, utilizing the Intercultural Development Inventory and in partnership with the St. Paul Area Synod, have been actively working on Cultural Competency Practices within our Incarnation community and the community at large.

October 11
“Shattered to Whole”
Presenter: The Rev. Jason Lukis
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

The ELCA adopted a sanctuary memorial in 2019 supporting congregations who recognize asylum seekers and refugees seeking safety and support. Kairos presenter, The Rev. Jason Lukis, wrote a successful ELCA grant to facilitate housing ministry for seekers as they are not allowed to work for a year or more while they going through a court process. The International Association for Refugees, of which Jonathan House is a part, sees itself as a tool in the belt of the churches for doing ministry with forcefully-displaced people. The Rev. Jason Lukis considers his role to be about sharing how congregations might utilize that tool, particularly with respect to congregations in the Twin Cities partnering with Jonathan House.

About the presenter:
The Rev. Jason Lukis is a Lutheran pastor ordained in the ELCA in 2011. He started as a youth minister in 2004 and served as a pastor in two congregations in WA and MN before joining The International Association for Refugees of which Jonathan House is a part.

October 25
“Finding Hope in a Divided Country”
Presenter: The Rev. Angela Denker
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Kairos invites you to Join us for an evening with author, The Rev. Angela Denker, as we investigate the rise of Christian Nationalism in America and seek to more deeply understand the role of politics across American Christianity. Learn more about regional differences among American Christians, and hear stories from Christians all across the country: from coastal California to rural Appalachia.

About the presenter:
Angela Denker is an ELCA pastor and a journalist. She has written for many publications including The Washington Post, and FORTUNE magazine. Denker has appeared on CNN, BBC and SkyNews to share her research on politics and Christian Nationalism. Her book, Red State

Christians, Understanding the Voters who elected Donald Trump, was an award winner for political and social sciences. She presently serves as Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Brownton, Minnesota. She has also pastored congregations in Chicago, Las Vegas, Oange County and The Twin Cities.

November 8
“Nationally Recognized Nonprofit Addresses Homelessness”
Presenter: Andréa Kish-Bailey
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Through safe, affordable housing and innovative supportive programming, Incarnation’s partner in ministry, Solid Ground, helps families break the cycle of homelessness and poverty for the next generation. Kairos presenter, Andréa Kish-Bailey will talk about the eight programs in the suburban Ramsey and Washington Counties housing nearly 570 women, men and children annually.

About the presenter:
Andréa Kish-Bailey, Director of Philanthropy, joined the staff in June 2020 after serving as the VP of Advancement at Hope 4 Youth in Anoka. Prior to that, Andréa served as the executive director of the White Bear Area Emergency Food shelf. Andréa has over twenty years of experience in non-profit management.

November 22
“Building Community for the Homeless”
Presenter: Gabrielle Clowdus
Place: Zoom; 7 – 8:30 p.m.

The standard approach to homelessness is called Housing First: “providing four walls and a roof” and offering professional services. This approach falls short because just as critical a component of homelessness is lack of integration into a supportive and nurturing community, A “community first” approach is an alternative that focuses not only on providing shelter but on meeting relational and social needs in a holistic way through the local faith community.

About the presenter:
Gabrielle Clowdus holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Architecture and will finish 5-year Ph.D. program in Housing Studies. Previously she was head of the Architecture department at a non-profit that converted shipping containers into orphanages, clinics, and schools in partnership with developing nations. She has devoted herself to walking alongside people in poverty recognizing that her own privilege comes with responsibility and a conviction that we belong to one another.

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