Faith Studies for Small Groups

Small group resources to journey inward and deepen your faith, so that together as a group, you will journey outward to share God’s love in the world. 

Faith Studies for Small Groups 

This sample set of resources includes: 

  • Ready-to-go resources, adaptable for both in-person and virtual gatherings 
  • Time-tested resources that you can count on, updated for today 
  • Engaging resources for difficult conversations, to listen and learn
  • Studies on congregation-wide themes, to join in a larger dialogue 
  • A blend of faith formation, community building and reaching out in the world 

Click here to go to the sample set of resource ideas.

Faith Studies & Devotions for Virtual Gathering

These resources are easy to download and use with a small group that is meeting virtually or by conference call during Fall 2020. You can download and email these resources. Or, you can copy and share the link to this webpage and ask group members to download their own copy. 

From Social Distancing to Distant Socializing – A simple outline of questions for conversation, Bible texts, a brief message and prayer for small groups gathering in this time of “stay at home” or “social distancing”. 

Inconvenient Faith – Finding ways to remember that we belong to God. This devotion or mini-faith study is from the Incarnation Connects series. You can set page 3 aside – it is available for a fold-down format used in outdoor groups. 

Pray without Ceasing – How prayer changes us, as we take part in an on-going dialogue with God. This devotion or mini-faith study is from the Incarnation Connects series. You can set page 3 aside – it is available for a fold-down format used in outdoor groups. 

Renew Your Life

Based on the book, Renew Your Life , by Pastor Kai Nilsen, this faith study explores how God’s creative energies of grace, possibility, paradox, the natural world, relationships, fruitful work, and rest meet us in our confusion, our loneliness, our despair and invite us to see, experience, and practice a different kind of life – a life that Jesus imagined, experienced, and practiced himself. Faith study guides, updated for COVID-19, are available on the Renew Your Life resource page here.

Connecting in Grace™

Connecting in Grace™ is a series of faith studies created at Incarnation for small groups. Two of the Connecting in Grace™ faith studies are now available to small groups and congregations everywhere, benefiting from the time-tested experience of approximately 50 small groups at Incarnation. Series themes include:

  • Connecting in Grace: Radical Gifts, Radical Grace
  • Connecting in Grace: Energized

For more information about Connecting in Grace™ faith studies or small groups at Incarnation, contact Denise Floe, Director of Small Group Ministry, by email or by calling 651-484-7213.