Child Protection Policy

Volunteers who want work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults are asked to read the Incarnation Lutheran Church Child Protection Policy and then submit a Volunteer Background Check Form to the Incarnation Office prior to beginning volunteer work with children and youth.

Read the Child Protection Policy

In October of 2019 the Congregation Council approved an updated version of the Incarnation Lutheran Church Child Protection Policy. The updated version of the policy casts an in-depth vision for how we are working to create an environment that is safe for our children, youth and vulnerable adults.

Included in the policy are: definitions of key words and phrases; brief explanations of roles that volunteers and staff have as related to the policy; resources available for staff and volunteers when suspected abuse takes place; a clearly defined timeline of what to do when an accusation of abuse occurs; and appendices that include all of our guidelines and forms to be filled out. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Joel Vander Wal.

Download and read the Child Protection Policy

Complete a Volunteer Background Check Form

To continue with the screening process to serve as a volunteer who works with children, youth, or vulnerable adults, please download, print and complete a Volunteer Background Check Form and return it to the Incarnation Office. Forms may be faxed to 651-484-0260. Volunteer Covenant Form Volunteer Information Form

Questions? Contact Pastor Joel Vander Wal.