Stewardship 2021: I’m In!

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What if we could co-create a more loving world filled with God’s grace, justice and love? How many of you would say, “I’m in!”?

What if your community was more collaborative, your workplace more creative, your neighborhoods more connected, your family more celebrative because you were intentionally living a Jesus-shaped life? What if no child went hungry and Incarnation’s children longed to make a better world? How many of you would say, “I’m in!”?

Friends, we are on our way. Think about some of our highlights from our common work recently:

• In 2019, $161,000 raised and 2,088 children fed for a year with the help of 2,219 volunteers packing Feed My Starving Children meals at Incarnation.
• 59 students confirmed.
• 30 students participated in their first communion.
• 65 new members.
• Full financial support of our ministry partnerships, even during a pandemic.
• $53,500 was given by given by more than 200 households to the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf this past June and July.
• 70 volunteers served in Children’s Ministry (through grade 5) in the program year.


At the beginning of 2020, we committed to four pathways to extend our reach into the world and deepen our personal spiritual journeys (our inward and outward journeys). Though the shutdown has slowed our progress in some areas, these pathways still guide us:

1) Anchor Church

We are in preliminary talks with a local congregation about collaborative work that could immerse our community in helping to re-shape another neighborhood in the St. Paul area. If it progresses, it will allow both communities to grow as we partner in common work.

2) Servant Culture

Our lives and the world is changed when our hearts are shaped by service. Our goal is for each person at Incarnation to claim an arena of active service within and/or outside the walls of Incarnation.

3) Re-Shape Children, Youth and Family Ministry

After transitions in staffing, we are thinking, hoping and praying about how to re-shape these ministries. Undoubtedly, more engagement from parents will be asked. Mentors and faith guides from the community will be critical components. Students involved in leadership will be the new norm.

4) Technology for the 21st Century

The shutdown accelerated our need for new technology and it became increasingly clear that reaching beyond our walls was an opportunity we needed to leverage. Think about this: my Facebook live conversations on Monday morning have about 30-50 viewers in the moment. By the end of a week, these videos have over 1,000 views. That’s the power of technology for being a “church without walls”.


As we think about our ongoing commitment to our common work, we are hoping you will be “IN” in these ways for 2021:

1) Prayer and encouragement

This has not been an easy time for many in our community and will continue to be difficult as the effects of the pandemic unfold. Please commit to Prayer and Encouragement. Everyone can be “In” this way.

2) A Financial and Serve Commitment

a. Financial Commitment (click here to pledge!): In response to a generous God, we invite you to commit to:

i. Operating Fund: This commitment is part of God’s call on lives to generosity through a tithe and beyond. Your giving to this fund supports our daily ministry, our staffing, keeping the lights on and the temperature comfortable, and outreach.

ii. Capital Fund: Given the tenuous nature of our times we chose not to enter into another three-year Capital Campaign this year. Since we still have capital expenses paying down our $2,692,205 million dollar mortgage, we ask that you extend your annual giving to the capital campaign or begin giving this year. A simple way to think about it is this, if you committed $15,000 for the most recent three-year Capital Campaign, a gift of $5,000 for one year would be an appropriate gift.

iii. Endowment: If you would like information on giving to the endowment fund at Incarnation, please contact Wayne Quehl.

b. Serving Commitment (click here to view and pledge ways to serve!): We also encourage you to make a commitment to serve within or outside the walls of incarnation. The Service Opportunities Form will allow you to highlight the ways you already serve and the new ways you will choose to serve in the upcoming year.

Senior Pastor Kai Nilsen

We will receive these commitments during the month of October through November 8.

Imagine if each of us could say, “Because of my commitment to generosity and service, my soul has deepened and our reach into the world has exponentially expanded.”

How many of you would say, “I’m in!”?

I’m in,