Stewardship 2020: Share the Love

Share the Love is the name of the campaign to support the ongoing ministry of our faith community in 2020. In late October, you will receive your third quarter giving statement along with commitment materials for 2020. You’ll have a new opportunity to prayerfully consider how you want to grow in the coming year: 

  • in faith by making a personal spiritual commitment and  
  • in generosity through your financial commitment

Here are two ways to indicate your level of support:  

  1. Click Here To Pledge Online Fill out an online form for your financial commitment.
  2. Obtain a commitment card, complete it and return it to the Incarnation Office in person or in the mail.  

Your faithful engagement in the Share the Love campaign will help to support the 2020 operating budget and the 2018-20 capital campaign for the building mortgage. Thank you for helping our leadership and staff in their ministry planning for 2020 and beyond. Together, filled by God’s grace we will feed the hungry in heart, body, mind and spirit to create a world filled with God’s grace and love.

Why Give, Financially?  

By Pastor Kai Nilsen

One out of seven of Jesus’ parables or stories addresses the appropriate use of our possessions or money. More than 2,000 verses throughout the biblical narrative deal with justice for the poor or poverty or God’s embrace and encouragement of the poor. I’m no genius, but with preponderance of texts that, in some way, connect who we are and how we engage the world with our money, we might want to take this question seriously. Why give? Click here to read more of Pastor Kai’s message.


Service is an Expression of the Outward Journey

While our inward journeys of faith help us to discover who we are as children of God, our OUTWARD journeys help us to discover what God has asked us to do in the world. When we share of ourselves, our time and gifts, we participate with God in creating a better reality for God’s children. In the process, we also are changed.

Complete this survey to explore ways you can live into your 202o Outward Journey commitment, by serving in and through Incarnation. Note that as you complete this survey checking various options, you are indicating interest in a ministry and not commiting to serve. A ministry leader will contact you soon so you may learn more details regarding the nature of the service opportunity.

If you have questions about stewardship or financial giving, please contact Pastor Janet Karvonen-Montgomery via email or by calling 651-484-7213.



If you have questions about your financial statement or how to pledge to the Share the Love Stewardship campaign, please contact Amy Faymoville, Financial Secretary, via email or by calling 651-484-7213.