Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

Incarnation partners with the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, a program of the Mounds View School District located in the Silver View Plaza Mall at 2544 Mounds View Blvd. (formerly County Highway 10) in Mounds View, MN 55112 (651-621-6280).

2020 Tons of Love: June 21 July 31

Since 2013, Incarnation has engaged in an important summer campaign for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf called Tons of Love, and 2020 will be no exception! Tons of Love has always been Incarnation’s loving response to the weighty issue of summer hunger in our community, and now more people are hungry due to COVID-19. 

A goal of raising $15,000 was set for this year’s Tons of Love and donations through Sunday, July 5 were already in excess of $16,000! Well done, faithful community; thank you! Imagine how many of God’s children in our area could be fed with $25,000 or even more by the end of July! Let’s set a new GENEROSITY goal where we all take part in feeding those who suffer from food insecurity. 

 While weighing your summer priorities, we pray you’ll continue to support Tons of Love with an online financial gift or by writing a check to Incarnation with “Tons of Love” in the memo and sending it to 4880 Hodgson Road, Shoreview.  

 What Will Your Donation Buy?

Through suppliers that the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf utilizes, as much as 8 lbs. of certain items can be purchased for just a dollar. Other items might be closer to 30 lbs. for $10. What else might your money buy? 




  • $25 provides a holiday meal for a family of four with all the fixings  
  • $40 feeds a family of four for a week
  • $50 provides one student with a backpack and supplies to start the school year off right.
  • $75 ensures three children receive holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.
  • $100 sponsors a food insecure student with weekend snackpacks for each week of the school year.
  • $200 purchases a pallet of fresh produce
  • $250 would provide a week’s worth of milk for 150 families
  • $500 feeds 20 families for a week
  • $750 provides hygiene and cleaning supplies for 125 families
  • $1000 provides meat boxes for 150 families. 

Food Distribution During COVID-19

The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf provides food and household supplies for clients all year long, many of whom are families with school-aged children. With the arrival of COVID–19, the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf is serving an average of 180 households/week, up 35% from pre-COVID-19 conditions, and 54% of the total people served are children. A new no-touch system is being used as clients are given a collection of food and household products vs. a previous model of “shopping” for items. 

COVID-19 will continue to impact the community, the need for resources and the way in which the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf provides food and household goods. The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf is currently not accepting physical donations and is requesting financial donations instead. This allows: 

  • The use of financial donations to purchase food in bulk through suppliers which is dollar for dollar, better than what most of us can offer when we shop as individuals.  
  • Bulk purchasing allows the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf to purchase exactly what they need while freeing up valuable time that might otherwise be spent date checking and sorting in kind food donations. 

Serving at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf During COVID-19 (updated 7/7/20)

A few service opportunities are now available! If you are interested in volunteering, review the details below carefully including the safety guidelines and email Sue Peake with your interest. She will let you know if you have been assigned to the position and will provide more information and instructions.

Drive Thru Set Up 

  • Work outside on Tuesdays (9-10 am) or Wednesdays (9-10 am) or Fridays (8:30 – 9:30 am) – may not take a full hour.  Choose one of these days.
  • Put up tents, cones, signs, tables, carts, bags, produce pallets, donation barrels.
  • Ability to lift 25 pounds.
  • 10-12 weeks commitment requested.
  • 2 people needed – may volunteer with a family member if prefer.

Drive Thru Clean Up 

  • Work outside. Pick a shift – Tuesdays (2 – 3 pm) , Wednesdays (2 – 3 pm) or Fridays (12 – 1 pm) – may not take a full hour .Choose one of these days.
  • Take down tents, cones, tables, signs, carts, donation barrels, produce pallets.
  • Sanitize tables and shopping carts.
  • Crush and recycle cardboard.
  • Ability to lift 25 pounds.
  • 10-12 weeks commitment requested.
  • 2 people needed – may volunteer with a family member if prefer.

Back-Up Food Rescue Drivers

Back-Up Food Rescue Packing for Drive Thru 

  • Fill in for a regular volunteer when they are unavailable.
  • Work outside, packing food rescue donations into bags/boxes for clients to receive in drive-thru food distribution.
  • Ability to be on your feet for 2+ hours with bending and lifting up to 25 pounds.

COVID-19 Volunteer Safety Guidelines: All volunteers are required to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone:

  • If you are not feeling well  (fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc), please stay home and seek medical treatment.
  • If you recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19, you’re asked to wait 14 days since exposure to volunteer.
  • Per CDC guidelines, it’s recommended that volunteers 65 years and older be extra diligent about staying home during the pandemic, but it’s trusted that people will make the decision that is best for them.
  • If you have traveled on an airplane within the last 14 days, you’re asked to wait 14 days to volunteer.
  • If you have been in a group of 10 or more people indoors, you’re asked to wait 14 days to volunteer.
  • When you arrive to volunteer you will be asked to wear a disposable or cloth mask and maintain 6 feet social distance at all times. (You may wear your own mask. The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf also has disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitizer).
  • Please arrive at your assigned time and no earlier. Please leave promptly when your shift has finished.

Other Special Donation Opportunities for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf

When COVID-19 is not a concern, there are typically a variety of special drives and giving opportunities in support of the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf including:

  • Holiday Food collections for Thanksgiving and Christmas in November and December.
  • Operation Christmas Joy collecting and distributing toys in December.
  • Statewide Minnesota FoodShare Month in March, which includes matching dollars.
  • Birthday Bags: cake mix, frosting, candles, paper plates/napkins/cups, decorations and a small toy or treat, all placed within a small gift bag (all year round).

And also when COVID-19 is not a concern, if you’re a Thrivent member, apply for a Thrivent Action Team grant of $250, gather some friends or family members together, and use your Action Team money to purchase some of the above items as a part of a team service project effort!

Questions about Incarnation’s partnership with the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf? Contact Becky Benson.