Hunger Ministries

Over 795 million people go hungry on any given day worldwide. In the United States, where there is poverty, hunger is there also. The people of Incarnation believe that it is important to address hunger issues on a variety of fronts – tending to the immediate need of providing food and resources for people in crisis as well as working to address the root causes of hunger. Incarnation partners formally and informally with organizations locally, nationally and globally to make that happen.

Incarnation’s has formal ministry partnerships with the following hunger agencies:

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf
Feed My Starving Children

In addition, Incarnation invites participation with the opportunities listed below to help alleviate hunger in the local and wider community:

Meals on Wheels Service Opportunities

Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers meals to those who are physically challenged or are unable to prepare their own meals, but are living independently in the Mounds View area.

  • Incarnation’s regular route has resumed. To volunteer with Incarnation’s route, contact Becky Benson.
  • Substitute drivers in the Shoreview and Mounds View area are still needed. Meals on Wheels has made provisions for drivers and recipients to be completely separate from one another and appropriate physical distancing guidelines are being followed. Sign up as a substitute driver here.
  • Paper grocery bags with handles are in need by the Mounds View District Meals on Wheels service center. 65 bags are needed each week for meals driven to clients. If you have bags to donate, bring them to the Mounds View District Meals on Wheels service center at 3490 Lexington Ave, Shoreview.
  • Connect with Meals on Wheels clients who live alone via “check in” calls to see how they are doing and assure them they are not forgotten. Orientation and questions to use for these calls will be provided. Email Jeanne Szurek or call at 651-621-7950 if interested.

Blessing Bags

A Blessing Bag contains items useful to those you encounter on the street who might be experiencing homelessness or who are otherwise struggling. Being in a position to share a Blessing Bag with someone allows for human connection to be made and a sense of dignity to be preserved.

The contents of a Blessing Bag filling a jumbo Ziploc bag with sliding closure or a mesh bag with a zipper, are listed below. * indicates items for a smaller, food-oriented Blessing Bag making it easier to carry with you in your backpack, purse or in your car glove box.

Full size deodorant (men’s or women’s) Feminine hygiene products (for women’s bag)
Lip balm A pair of tube socks
A full size bar of soap & wash cloth Hat & gloves (seasonal)
A toothbrush, full size tube of toothpaste & floss * $5 gift card for Subway or McDonald’s
Disposable razor * One or two granola or fiber bars
Small hand sanitizer * Beef jerky or beef sticks
Travel Kleenex * A lunch size container of applesauce or fruit
Baby wipes * Raisins or other dried fruit
Sunscreen * A small bottle of water or juice box
Travel size first aid kit * A note of encouragement

Keep the bag in your car or backpack so that when you encounter someone in need, you are prepared to bless that person. Pray to be led to the right person who might need a blessing and pray for the people you encounter. You both will be blessed.

Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Ministry

This ministry assists those in learning and talking about a variety of issues related to hunger and those struggle with food insecurity. Various opportunities are offered which help the community learn about hunger issues, locally, nationally, and internationally, visit organizations addressing hunger, and take part in advocacy efforts, such as letter-writing. Learn more about Incarnation’s Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Ministry. For questions, contact Vernita Kennen.

Questions about Hunger Ministries? Contact Becky Benson.