Global Ministry Partners

At Incarnation, we believe that relationships are at the heart of our ministry. We believe that God calls us to live relationship with our neighbors who may live right next door or around the world and that as these relationship grow, they reflect God’s relationship with us and with the world that God so loves.

Tanzania dancingAs we visit our ministry partners in Tanzania on regularly scheduled mission trips, our community expands and we are blessed as we see God at work in the everyday lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania. We are doubly blessed as we see God at work so clearly in our own lives. We become more aware of how small the world is and we begin to focus on similarities rather than differences. We learn more about ourselves and find that we are able to do things that we never thought we could. As we experience life differently, we are inspired to live differently in small and large ways.

Throughout the past several years, we have focused our global ministry outreach to developing deeper relationships with the people of our Mkwawa & Kigamboni Lutheran Churches in Iringa, Tanzania.

Global Health Ministries

Incarnation also partners informally with Global Health Ministries. Global Health Ministries was founded in 1987 in response to pleas from Lutheran health care workers whose ministries were hindered by continuing shortages of supplies and equipment. Global Health Ministries enhances the health care programs of Lutheran churches in other countries by:

  • Funding approved health care projects, scholarships, capital improvements, and technology development.
  • Gathering and shipping useful donated health care equipment and supplies to countries where such materials are not available of very expensive.
  • Recruiting nurses, dentists, doctors, surgeons and skilled workers for overseas service through Lutheran mission boards.

Incarnation supports GHM through prayer and volunteers who serve by sorting equipment, loading containers, collecting medical supplies, fixing equipment, driving a forklift, and just generally getting our hands dirty.


Questions about Global Ministries? Contact Becky Benson.