Renew Your Life: COVID-19 Version Resource Page

From the beginning, God’s life-renewing Spirit has been present and available in times of isolation and connection, despair and hope, peril and promise. Don’t we need it now! RENEW YOUR LIFE: COVID-19 VERSION will explore how God’s creative energies of grace, possibility, paradox, the natural world, relationships, fruitful work, and rest meet us in our confusion, our loneliness, our despair and invite us to see, experience, and practice a different kind of life—a life that Jesus imagined, experienced, and practiced himself. 

Take a closer look at how these themes speak to your life and to the life of our community this summer. The summer sermon series will liftup each theme and consider what it tells us about living in this time. 

Dive deeper into the themes by engaging in conversations with others. Join an Incarnation Small Group (see below) or gather a group of family members and friends to take part. Meet virtually with others who are local, but physically distant or connect to family or friends in other parts of the country or world. 

Download an electronic copy of the Renew Your Life book at InterVarsity PressAmazon or Barnes and Noble. For those taking part in a Small Group, there may be a limited supply of paperback books available through Incarnation (especially for those with limited access to technology) or an online bookstore. 

Watch the Summer Worship Series 

May 31 – Pentecost: The Spirit of Life
June 7 – Grace: When is enough, enough?
June 14 – Possibility: New things
June 21 – Paradox: The struggle is real
June 28 – Natural world: Let beauty inspire you
July 5 – Relationships I: We need each other
July 12 – Relationships II: An epidemic of loneliness
July 19 – Fruitful Work: Your daily life matters
July 26 – Rest: Finding a new rhythm 

Listen to the Winter Worship Series 

January 5 – Renew Your Life
January 12 – Energy of Grace
January 19 – Energy of Possibility
January 26 – Energy of Paradox
February 2 – Energy of the Natural World
February 9 – Energy of Relationships
February 16 – Energy of Fruitful Work
February 23 – Energy of Rest 

Faith Study Guides for COVID19 Version 

Connect with a Small Group at Incarnation or gather your own group or family 

Welcome & Introduction 
Breathe Prayer
Session 1 – Renew Your Life 
Session 2 – The Energy of Grace
Session 3 – Energy of Possibility
Session 4 – Energy of Paradox 
Session 5 – Energy of the Natural World
Session 6 – Energy of Relationships 
Session 7 – Energy of Fruitful Work 
Session 8 – Energy of Rest 

Questions? Contact Denise Floe.