Pastoral Care

One of the strengths of being in community together is how we are able to support one another through the more difficult seasons of life. Incarnation wants to be able to support and encourage you and your loved ones when you are dealing with illness, loss, a life transition, or another need or difficulty. All pastoral care conversations and information are kept confidential.

On Call Pastor

If you need emergency pastoral care, for situations such as a hospital admission or a death in the family, please contact the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213. During regular business hours, the Office staff will help you connect with an available pastor.

If it is after hours or on a weekend or holiday, you may leave a message on the Pastoral Emergency voicemail by calling 651-484-7213. When you hear the voice mail answer, press 313 to leave a message. The on call pastor checks that voice mail week nights at 9:00 p.m. On weekends and holidays that voicemail is checked every few hours between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The on call pastor will return your call as soon as possible.

Please Tell Us . . .


Hospitals have changed policies to protect patient privacy and care centers no longer notify churches when a member has been admitted. The only way the Incarnation staff will know if you or a loved one is in the hospital is if you contact the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213 or email one of the pastors. For an emergency over a weekend or holiday, call the Incarnation Office and listen for the prompts to leave a message in the Pastoral Emergency voicemail. The on call pastor will contact you as soon as possible.

Death of a Loved One

We recognize the difficulties that come with the death of a loved one and want to reach out to provide support to those who are dealing with a recent loss. Notifying the Incarnation Office of the death of a loved one helps us to do that in a more timely manner. To do so, you may either call the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213 or email one of the pastors or other staff members.

Community Care Resources

Pastoral Visits

All of Incarnation’s pastors are available to provide one on one listening and prayer support or to provide referrals to local counseling resources. To set up an appointment with one of the pastors, either in their office or your home or other location, please call 651-484-7213 or email them directly.

Visitation Pastor

Pastor Rich Omland serves as Incarnation’s Visitation Pastor. He does regular visits and communion with people who are homebound but longing for connection with their faith community. To request a visit, contact Amy Martell in the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213 or

Prayer Lists

Prayer is powerful. One of the ways for this community to support one another is to pray for the people listed on the two prayer lists. The public prayer list is prayed for in worship and printed in the Ministry Opportunities sheet. The non-published prayer list is prayed for regularly by the Incarnation Staff, Council, and the Prayer Team. Learn more.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Beautiful prayer shawls are knit with love and prayer to be given to those who are sick or in a time of need. If you would like to share a prayer shawl with someone or would like to be a part of prayer shawl ministry, please contact Amy Martell at 651-484-7213 or

Care Team

Care Team Ministry responds, free of charge, to the non-medical “quality of life” needs of individuals and families of all ages. Anyone of any age who has experienced a loss of mobility and/or independence or those who need short term or ongoing support/help with non-medical tasks they are unable to complete would benefit from Care Team Ministry. Learn more.

The Gathering

The Gathering presents a day of renewal for those experiencing early to mid-stage memory loss, offering them a variety of stimulating activities with a specially trained group of volunteers to engage their minds and bodies. While their loved ones experiencing memory loss enjoy a safe and engaging time, caregivers can do errands, visit with a friend, and/or rest in order to replenish their energy for their role of care-giving. To learn more about The Gathering, contact Jeanne Hartfield at 651-484-7213 or

Care Notes

CareNotes booklets offer comfort, strength and healing for those who are hurting. Incarnation offers a selection of CareNotes in a stand near the Information Desk in the Atrium and a selection of PrayerNotes on the table outside the Alleluia Chapel. Take some for yourself or to share with a friend.

For more information or questions about Pastoral Care resources at Incarnation, please contact Pastor Jeanne Hartfield at 651-484-7213 or