Lent 2021: Relational Resilience

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Relational Resilience

Our Lenten series, Relational Resilience, is an invitation into a wholistic conversation about resilience and an opportunity to learn simple spiritual exercises that build our personal and relational resilience.

The Sundays in Lent will focus on the assigned gospel texts, highlighting the core calling Jesus had on his life and what that means for us today. A resilient life, for followers of Jesus, is a life immersed in Jesus’ story.

Sunday Texts and Themes
February 21: Mark 1:9-15—Jesus’ identity and calling
February 28: Mark 8:31-38—A calling to lose life in order to find it
March 7: John 2:13-22—Jesus is the new temple, the place where God is present.
March 14: John 3:14-21—Eternal Life—what is it?
March 21: John 12:20-33—Life through death: For Jesus. For us.
March 28: Palm Sunday

Wednesdays in Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 17, we will focus on specific aspects of building a resilient life. Following the Ash Wednesday online service, each of the subsequent Wednesday webinar worship will be on Zoom so that everyone can participate safely from your home. The services will include music, prayers and practices, and a teaching on one component of building a more resilient life.

Please click the link below to join the webinar from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.:
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More information on how to join the Zoom Lenten Webinars.

Join the conversation after from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m.:
Zoom—After Conversation: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81003459504?pwd=am5tMWpSSG9tMjNnZEtiSXRkSVJhdz09
Meeting ID: 810 0345 9504. Passcode: 185816.

Wednesday Themes: Resilient Relationships
February 24: Our Relationship with God: How does God see us?
Rev. Juanita Rasmus from Houston, Texas, a friend of Pastor Nilsen through the Renovare’ community, will be the teacher. Rev. Juanita’s recent book, Learning to Be, chronicles her personal journey from her “crash” (as she calls it) to a more thriving life. Click here to listen to Rev. Juanita’s TED talk “Learning to Be Me: Why is it so Difficult?”

March 3 and 10: Our Relationship with Ourselves: Part 1—Resilience and Stress: Managing our Thoughts and Feelings, Part 2—Grief/Conflict/Forgiveness/Gratitude
Incarnation member Pat Nyman, for many years a facilitator of resilience groups, will be our guide as we do a deep dive into how we deal with our daily lives—the routine and extreme stresses that shape us.

March 17: Our Relationship with the World—Living with Purpose
Incarnation members, Jim Meinen and Bill Reichwald, have designed a simple and meaningful way to help you discover the intersection between what the world needs and the gifts and passions you have.

March 24: Our Relationship with Others—Loving the “Other”
Resilient Jesus communities push beyond the walls of those they are most comfortable with and engage the world that Jesus loves. Donte Curtis, a frequent presenter throughout the synod on the Jesus narrative and the call to justice, will lead the conversation.

Spiritual Practices Guide and Lenten Blessing Guide

The Lenten series, Relational Resilience, is an invitation into a wholistic conversation about resilience and an opportunity to learn
simple spiritual exercises that build our personal and relational resilience.

In addition to Sunday and Wednesday worship services, this Spiritual Practices Guide and Lenten Blessing Guide are designed to help guide you on an
inward and outward journey of faith and discover inner strength, rooted and grounded in love, as Christ and his
Spirit dwell within.

Download the Spiritual Practices Guide here.

Download the Lenten Blessing Guide here.

Lenten Music

Music is a powerful tool for worship and spiritual growth and so we recommend listening to some sacred music during the season of Lent. The CPC21 playlist on Spotify features music from a variety of Christian artists for you to enjoy.

Click here to listen to music for Lent.