ILC Kid’s & Club 4/5 (formerly SPARK)

ILC Kid’s Ministry and Club 4/5 is committed to providing the foundation for children to grow in God’s grace and love through worship, learning, building relationships, and service. ILC Kid’s Children’s Ministry is also committed to partnering with parents in living out the promises made at their child(ren)’s baptism.

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Information about upcoming family events can be found on the Children & Youth mainpage.
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This month we will walk through the story of Jesus who rose from the dead. Jesus’ resurrection strengthens us and changes our relationships in the best way. This month we’ll talk about how Jesus overcame death, Jesus connects us to each other, Jesus gives encouragement and we are stronger with Jesus.


Due to COVID-19 and our priority of keeping children and volunteers healthy and safe we will continue ILC Kid’s and CLUB 4/5 through weekly email being sent home. If you are not receiving the weekly email and you would like to contact Rebecca.

Click here for the weather and building closure policy.

NEW! ILC Kid’s (PreK – Grade 3)

ILC Kid’s and Club 4/5 2020 – 2021 Calendar

ILC Kid’s will kick-off online on September 27. For more information please contact Rebecca Christiansen.

ILC Kid’s is a ministry designed for children 3 years of age through 3rd grade. This is an opportunity to connect with God, friends, and caring adults in an inviting and trusting environment filled with captivating Bible storytelling, worship, age-appropriate activities that engage all different learning styles, and service. As children explore God’s word they will grow in their faith and learn to trust God. Participants can choose to gather on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings when it is safe to gather in person again.

NEW! CLUB 4/5  (Grades 4 and 5)

Club 4/5 2020 – 2021 Calendar

With Club 4/5 being new, they will be meeting in-person at Incarnation. Kids who are grades 4 and 5 are upper elementary now and can take on more of a leadership role, and they want to. They also enjoy being part of a club that is unique to them.  

For more information please contact Rebecca Christiansen.

Register for ILC Kid’s and Club 4/5

If you decide that would like your child(ren) to be a regular attendee of ILC Kid’s or CLUB 4/5, we highly recommend that you enroll your child and make a commitment to attend the same hour of ILC Kid’s or CLUB 4/5 every week. Your child(ren) will then be able to form relationships with adults and children their own age.

Registration for ILC Kid’s and Club 4/5 happens through Realm, Incarnation’s church management system. If you already have a Realm Profile, log in here to start the registration process. Click here to log in to Realm.

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Each week, ILC Kids and CLUB 4/5 have amazing volunteers who have been equipped and trained to work with children in our  Ministry. If you would like to play a part in the success of ILC Kid’s or CLUB 4/5 as an ILC Kid’s or CLUB 4/5 Small Group Leader, greeter, or help with special events please contact Rebecca Christiansen at

In order to be responsible for the safety of kids and for the protection of adult volunteers, in 2004 the Incarnation Council implemented the Policy for Protecting Children and Youth. For many volunteer positions in ILC Kid’s ministry substitute small group leader, adult volunteers need to submit a completed background check form at least one week prior to volunteering. Background checks are valid for 3 years.

Background Check Form — Please complete and submit at least one week prior to volunteering
Volunteer Covenant Form
Volunteer Information Form

Questions about ways to volunteer with ILC Kid’s or Club 4/5? Contact Rebecca Christiansen.