Hunger Awareness and Advocacy

The Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Group

The Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Group meets monthly on a Tuesday evening (September-May) to learn more about hunger, food insecurity and related issues in our communities, our country, and around the world. The group shares current information, studies books together, and supports programs and projects at Incarnation related to hunger. They advocate for changes in systems and policies which keep people hungry and in poverty and encourage others to do so. An annual field trip adds to the knowledge about hunger and its possible solutions.

The group is welcoming and always open to new people. Interested? Contact: Vernita Kennen.

Upcoming Events

Bread for the World – Offering of Letters

Sunday, May 2

It’s again that time of year when people of faith are encouraged by Bread for the World  to advocate our elected officials to work to end hunger. The specific focus issues this year are, of course, related to COVID-19, both domestically and internationally.

Here you will find everything you need, including scripts and sample letters, to be in contact with your Minnesota U.S. Senators and Representatives asking them to work specifically for hungry children/families in our country as well as those around the world who do not have enough to provide sufficient nutrition for daily life.

Please join Incarnation’s Hunger group as we write – – or text, email or phone – – to make that important connection with those in our government who can make changes much larger and far-reaching than those we make when we donate to our local food shelf. Important as our community is, the country and the world are waiting for us to speak up, too.

If your life is busy today, do it tomorrow or the day after. We will all benefit when our society and world is a better place, a place of hope for the future for all.

Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Group meetings

The 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. via Zoom, September – May. Contact Vernita Kennen for the September 15 Zoom arrangements as well as plans for gatherings in subsequent months.

The Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Group has read number of books on hunger and hunger related issues over the years; check out the list of books they’ve read here. Also, the group has taken annual field trips to local organizations, learning of tangible ways that organizations are working to diminish the weight of hunger on lives. Here is a list of the places the group has visited. Here is a list of the places the group has visited.

Christian Service

Christian service is described as works of justice as well as works of mercy. In addition to one-on one caring for people who suffer injustice, service means working to change the situations that created the victims in the first place. It can be understood as the “two feet” model; we need to walk on both feet to walk well and get us where we want to go.


Direct Service/Works of Mercy

This foot of the two foot model includes all the ways in which we help people survive their present crisis through acts of mercy. Incarnation does this through ELCA World Hunger, our ministry partners (LifeHaven, Solid Ground, Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, Feed My Starving Children, Blessing Bags) as well as through individual volunteer gifts and actions.


Change/Works of Justice

The other foot of the two foot model are actions work to change policies and programs which bring about the problems of people who are suffering injustice. At Incarnation, this includes educational opportunities, being informed voters, being in coalition with others of faith working for justice, and personal and corporate advocacy with state and federal elected officials. Some of the organizations that facilitate these actions are ELCA Advocacy, Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota, Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, Bread for the World and Bread for the World MN. The St. Paul Area Synod, of which Incarnation is a part, has a blog site entitled “Addressing Hunger” that offers information and ideas on how individuals and groups can address hunger and hunger related issues.

Stay Connected and Receive Alerts

Don’t have time for a monthly meeting but are interested in joining an Advocacy Alert Network? This email connection sends alerts and information on an “as needed” basis when immediate advocacy is needed (phone calls or email or texts) to elected officials. Ask to be added to the email list by contacting Vernita Kennen.

Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar

Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Gatherings resume (via Zoom), September 15, 2020