2021 Youth Fundraising: Wall O’ Money

Welcome to our Virtual Wall O’ Money

As we get closer to summer our dreams of summer programing is going wild. To help make these dreams a reality for the youth of Incarnation we need your help. For the past three years we have been able to gather in person for our fundraiser. This year we are getting creative and taking it online. Click on the dollar amount you would like to contribute to support our youth. The link will take you to a donation page. If you don’t see the amount you would like to give, click on “Name Your Own Price” purple button and you can enter in any amount you like! Donations will go into the general scholarship fund and distributed to those in need.

Thank you for supporting the youth of Incarnation in the following summer activities: Vacation Bible School, Mission Trips, Summer Stretch, Relational Service Learning Camp, Green Lake Bible Camp.