Exploring the Theme: PLATE IT! (Elementary)

This month, ILC Kids will enjoy the stories of the Old Testament prophets. The prophets are like a cookbook that helped people prepare for the Savior that God would send one day, just like a good recipe. Even though there’s no exact recipe, kids will find that they can prepare themselves for a loving relationship with God when they
1) trust God,
2) talk to God,
3) listen to God,

4) leave the results to God.

Lesson Plan for the week of 14 and 17
Coloring page for the week of November 14 and 17.

Bringing the story to life: God calls Samuel.

Week of November 7 and 10 Lesson Guide
Coloring Page for the Week of November 7 and 10

Bringing the story to life: Hannah Prayers for a Baby.


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