GODStuff: Incarnation Connections & Faith

GODStuff logoGODStuff is a project of sharing and collecting faith stories of Incarnation as a way to celebrate how God has worked in the lives of people in this faith community. The hope is that many people from across the years of Incarnation’s existence and people of all ages will participate in this endeavor by sharing their stories. All who have been touched by God’s presence through this community are invited to contribute to this project. The process of story sharing can be just as profound and meaningful as the actual faith experience.

How does GODStuff Work?

Initially, stories are collected in an audio format. You may sign up for an appointment on a few designated days. At your appointed time, you will be recorded for approximately 10 minutes by a facilitator who will ask questions to help generate conversation and story-telling. Sign up as a single person or small collection of people (family, friends, couple, small group, confirmation group, etc.) for one of the limited number of slots made available each time a recording date is set. Within a short period of time, a copy of your recording will be made available to you if you wish. Several recording dates will be established for the coming year.

Are You Thinking You Don’t Have a Story to Share?

Of course you have a story to share! If you have walked in faith at any point in your life, you have a story to share. The great news is that the facilitator’s questions will help bring to mind some of your stories in a comfortable fashion. While you do not need to prepare in advance of the recording—and it’s recommended that you not write out what you will say—questions can be made available to you in advance of your recording, if you wish.

GODStuff Recordings

How Can I Participate?

Additional recording appointments will be available in 2014.

Will My Recording Be Used in a Public Setting?

You know how inspiring it can be to hear how God has poked around in another person’s life. A small number of edited recordings may be used in a public setting such as worship or another special event if permission is granted by the person who was recorded; in these situations, it may also mean that a recording could be a part of an audio file placed online. Editing will take place by audio/visual professionals within the Incarnation community.

Are There Other Ways To Be Part of GODStuff Without Contributing an Audio File?

Yes! After starting with several stories collected in an audio format, Incarnation envisions that other media will be available for story collection including writing, art, video, and more, as the project develops.

Sign up for GODStuff at an information table in the Atrium/Gathering Space or by calling the Incarnation office at 651-484-7213. For more information, contact Becky Benson.