Another Kind of Happy Hour

Want to increase your happiness and overall positive feelings? Looking to add some mental fitness to your life? You may be able to find comfort and interest in the workshop titled, Another Kind of Happy Hour.   

This workshop is designed to help increase the capacities within each of us to flourish in our lives. It is based in scientific research and intersects with faith-based practices. It includes understanding what positive emotions are and how to cultivate them, optimism as a skill we learn, the importance of practicing gratitude, learning about our character strengths and how we use them to be more engaged in life, identifying and defining our meaning in lifeand skills to make us better at all kinds of relationships. 

This session of Another Kind of Happy Hour is on October 21, 6 – 8:00 p.m. via Zoom. This is the last opportunity for the 2-hour session.

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For questions, please contact Donna McDonald at 763-458-2855.

The Another Kind of Happy Hour course expansion is a recipient of the Budding Idea Grant program, made possible by the Endowment Fund.

Happy Hour created by Janet Lewis Muth, MPH, Carleton College