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Our relationships are simultaneously much more valuable and much more complex than ever before. After the pandemic, many of us have lingering feelings of missed opportunities with others and stretches of loneliness and loss. Yet, maybe we also more deeply appreciate the people around us and any time we can simply be together. All this comes at a time when we also see more clearly the differences between people in our person-to-person relationships and the divides across the larger community.

The Biblical Story – which we continue to draw from and live out – is filled with God constantly seeking to be in relationships with us to share love and to show us how to love one another. God clearly sees how difficult that can be. God clearly sees the brokenness in our relationships and nevertheless still calls us into the infinite possibility that there might be healing and another way forward. It is not easy. Most often it seems that we cannot do this on our own.

What do we take from the relationship challenges of the pandemic? What gives us hope? Have there been any blessings or discoveries along the way? What do we bring to begin to heal the divides between us, both individually and as a community? Is there a way forward? Is there a way to live into and share the abundant life that God truly wants for all of us?

Small Groups

The Be Loved faith study takes these themes another step deeper in conversation. The faith study started with a worship theme from Epiphany 2022, but it can be a source of discovery and discussion for small groups at any time (watching the sermon series is supplemental).

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Be Loved Faith Studies

  • Session 1: Be Loved… Be… Being in relationship with others and part of a larger community all begins with our identity as beloved children of God. Beloved children who can simply be who we are. Print or view the faith study here:
  • Session 2: Be Friend… Be Light… God calls us to reach out, to be a source of love and light to the people in our lives – friends, acquaintances, and those we’ve never met. Print or view the faith study here:
  • Session 3: Be Loved Community… Be Loving… God also reminds us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves and draws us into a sense of community with others. How can community be a blessing – even in times of discord and differences?
  • Session 4: Be Steadfast… Being in relationships and in community opens us up to times of disappointment and brokenness. It’s a reason we sometimes pull back. What practices can help to see us through?
  • Session 5: Be Changed… Be Blessed… In all this, we are invited to be transformed by God’s love – to be hopeful and surprised by the places where God shows up, where God is acting and where God calls us to be. In this we are blessed – more importantly God’s love works through us to be a blessing – unexpected, surprising, transforming and hopeful.

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