Apostles Library

New to the Library

The “Heritage Edition” of the St. John’s Bible on display in the Alleluia Chapel is composed of seven individual volumes – Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Literature, Psalms, Prophets, Gospels and Acts, and Letters and Revelation. Individual coffee table sized copies of these same seven volumes have been printed, duplicating each page we see on display in the Chapel.

Gratefully, the Apostles’ Library has been gifted with a copy of each of these seven coffee table sized volumes, along with supporting volumes explaining how the Bible was created – Illuminating the Word, Word and Image, and The Art of the Saint John’s Bible.

All of these volumes are available for you to check out, take home, appreciate, and study further.

Incarnation’s library provides a wide range of resources whether you are young or old. Most of the material is in print format but there are also audio and video discs available for checkout. The library is open for your use whenever the building is open, just turn the light on. A volunteer group maintains the library and welcomes new recruits; contact Pastor Jeanne Hartfield if you are interested.