All Hands On Hope Feed My Starving Children MobilePack™

2020 All Hands on Hope MobilePack Rescheduled for October 21 – 27 to Pack Over One Million Meals

GREAT NEWS: Incarnation has recently reached agreement with Feed My Starving Children to reschedule the 2020 All Hands on Hope MobilePack to October 21 – 27! Together with Roseville Lutheran Church and the wider community, plans are back on track to pack 1,019,000 meals, feeding 2791 of God’s beloved children for a year. More details about schedule, shifts and registrations to pack will be forthcoming as firm plans are made to pack meals not only during the weekdays but now also over a weekend. How powerful to be able to celebrate Reformation Sunday, October 25 by BEING the Church in this way!

Make a donation now to help raise the necessary funds to pay for the ingredients for 1,019,1000 meals. 

Incarnation remains committed to finance and pack over one million meals during this event, of which a container of 272,160 meals will be dedicated to support a new Project Based Food Assistance initiative for the community of Te Wouj, Haiti, which we’re calling “The Te Wouj Project”. Learn about “The Te Wouj Project”, Incarnation’s new commitment to Te Wouj, Haiti.

It’s a big commitment and with God’s work in and through all of us, we know it can be done.

What can you do now? Pray and Support All Hands on Hope Today!

Your prayers for the recipients of Feed My Starving Children meals, the FMSC partners across the world and our friends at FMSC, are extremely important. Very difficult decisions continue to be made daily and God’s wisdom is needed as we serve God’s children near and far.

Also, the money to pay for food packed is extremely important, now more than ever; for every meal packed, .24 needs to be raised to pay for the ingredients we will pack together. Make a donation in any of the following ways:

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Feed My Starving Children MobilePack™ Events at Incarnation Since 2007

Incarnation has hosted over 27,000 volunteers over 12 All Hands on Hope Feed My Starving Children MobilePack™ events resulting in almost 7.5 million total meals packed over those events. Since the first packing session in 2007, Incarnation and the surrounding community looks forward to this meaningful and impactful tradition every spring.


Want to learn more or have a question about the All Hands On Hope FMSC MobilePack™ at Incarnation? Contact Becky Benson.