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Life After: The Easter season is a celebration of the resurrection promise that there is always life AFTER—after death, after loss, after shame, after doubt. Consider this daily prayer and weekly reflection/action guide an invitation to experience that promise over and over again.

Daily Prayer: Each day (or as many days that you remember) we invite you to say this prayer as a way to focus your mind and spirit on the ways God’s Spirit is alive in and through you. If there are other people in your household, you may choose to say this prayer together.

Spirit of God
Put love in my life.

Spirit of God
Put joy in my life.

Spirit of God
Put peace in my life.

Spirit of God
Make me patient.

Spirit of God
Make me kind.

Spirit of God
Make me good.

Spirit of God
Give me faithfulness.

Spirit of God
Give me humility.

Spirit of God
Make me feel alive!

Weekly Reflection and Action: Each week we invite you to focus on one phrase of this prayer. Through reflection (our inward journey) and action (our outward journey) the Spirit works to deepen our experience of God’s presence in and through us. Again, these can be done on your own or with others in your household.

  • April 4-10: Spirit of God, make us feel alive. Mark 16:1-8
    • Reflection: What are the life experiences that make you feel most alive? Make a list of them and ask, “When can I do one or more of those things this week?”
    • Action: The natural world in springtime is a vivid reminder of how God creates new life. Take a walk outside and notice the signs of life coming up from the ground, from trees, the chirping of the birds, tracks on the ground from people or animals. Breathe deeply of the air outside and notice how alive and rejuvenated your lungs feel. Then, thank God for being present in the natural world.
  • April 11-17: Spirit of God, make us patient. John 20:19-31
    • Reflection: Our doubts and self-doubt often plague us. Think of a situation you confronted recently when you didn’t know exactly what to do next but you did something anyway. How did it turn out?
    • Action: Two options:
      • Author Brian McLaren will be discussing his new book, Faith after Doubt, from 6:00-7:00pm. April 11. Join the conversation on Zoom.
      • Memorize the Serenity Prayer and make it part of your life wisdom when you face uncertain situations.

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

  • April 18-24: Spirit of God, make us kind. John 21:15-19
    • Reflection: Think about an act of kindness you received. How did you respond? How did it shift your thinking or feeling in that moment?
    • Action: Two Options:
      • What you do repeatedly, shapes who you become. Think of one act of kindness that you can do for someone each day. Do it! Then, notice how kindness becomes part of you over time.
      • Later this week, in partnership with Feed My Starving Children , we will host a “trial MobilePack” for the purposes of testing new MobilePack safety practices. As an act of kindness, register to pack meals with others from your “covid bubble” and/or pray that much goodness will come from this event. Learn more and register here.
  • April 25-May 1: Spirit of God, put joy in our lives. John 15:1-8
    • Reflection: What brings you joy? Make a list and share it with someone.
    • Action: Two Options:
      • Every person you encounter this week is made in the image of God and is experiencing life—both good and hard, that you can never fully know. Make it a point this week to be an “spreader of joy.” Look people in the eye. Smile. Greet them. Wish them well for the day.
      • On April 25th we celebrate our 9th grade Confirmands as they affirm their baptismal promises and continue their faith journey. We invite you to pray for the Confirmands in this time of joy and as they continue to explore and grown in their faith. A full list of those being confirmed can be found here.
  • May 2-8: Spirit of God, put peace in our lives. Luke 24:13-35
    • Reflection: Reflect on a time when someone walked with you and your pain, perhaps even wept with you or vice versa. How does this speak to God’s deep care for you?
    • Action: Two options:
      • Identify a person you know who is struggling with life. Reach out to them with a phone call or an invitation to be together, if you are able. Know your presence, even more than your words, speaks of God’s love for them.
      • Each year, Incarnation’s Hunger Awareness and Advocacy Group sponsors Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters day. This year’s goal is to urge Congress to expand anti-hunger programs in response to the pandemic and increase funding for nutrition programs for those who are food insecure. Learn more here.
  • May 9-15: Spirit of God, put love in our lives. John 15:9-17
    • Reflection: Who taught you about love and how did they teach you? Consider letting that person know what their life meant to yours.
    • Action: Our culture has designated May 9th as Mother’s Day. Think of your mother or someone who nurtured you as you were growing up. If they are still alive, let them know what they mean to you. If they have died, take some time and write a letter to them (on paper or in your mind) expressing your gratitude for the gift they were to your life.
  • May 16: Spirit of God, give us humility. John 17:6-19
    • Reflection: Reflect on a challenging relationship you have with another and note the person’s common humanity with you and beloved-ness in God’s eyes. Then, imagine a helpful, unifying conversation with someone who views the world differently than you. What could you imagine agreeing upon?
    • Action: Two Options:
      • Send a note of encouragement and hope (text, Facebook, written) to someone with whom you’ve disagreed recently.
      • Solid Ground’s Spring Shower is a chance for us to gather new household items for incoming Solid Ground families so they may set up their new homes with excitement and dignity. Watch Lifetimes and worship emails for details and desired items.