PrAY IT FORWARD Capital Appeal

This article originally appeared in the Lifetimes September 2014 issue.

“PrAY IT FORWARD” is the name of this fall’s capital appeal at Incarnation. As has been our practice for many years, this fall’s appeal will combine a capital appeal with the annual stewardship program. On Sunday, October 26, members and friends of Incarnation will have the opportunity to make their financial commitment for our congregation’s ongoing ministry in 2015 and also their commitment for supporting our building fund for three years, 2015-2017.

Incarnation fall 001Incarnation’s building is the launching pad for our entire ministry. It has served us very well since the last expansion in 2005, and will continue to serve the congregation well for many years to come. As a congregation, we continue to make significant progress as we move toward eliminating the debt on our building. Even through the difficult economic times of the past few years, this progress has continued.

Being debt-free is important for Incarnation because when we no longer have $343,000 in mortgage payments each year, we will be able to expand our already exciting ministry. When we are debt-free, we will be able to do more to help each person involved in Incarnation grow in his or her faith. We will be able to do more in our community. We will be able to do more in our world. Being debt-free, like everything we do at Incarnation, is about our mission as a congregation.

During the month of October, there will be a major focus in our congregation on “PrAY IT FORWARD.” You will receive mailings concerning the appeal. There will be talks in worship related to the appeal. There will be a special focus on the appeal in the many groups of our congregation. Please pay special attention to this focus, so that you might be fully informed when you make your decisions about your financial support of “PrAY IT FORWARD.”

The financial goal of “PrAY IT FORWARD” is that the people of Incarnation will give $2,000,000 to the building fund over the next three years. This is an increase over what was pledged in our last appeal, held in 2008. Given the much improved economy, we are confident that members of Incarnation will exhibit increased generosity, and our goal will be successfully reached.

PrAY IT FORWARD as a Process of Discernment

PrayIt-“PrAY IT FORWARD” is more than a capital campaign; it is also about a process of discernment, a process for listening for God’s guidance on how to live more generously, sharing out of the resources God has provided in each of our lives so that others may be blessed through us. It is about paying attention to God’s larger invitation to be a part of the healing of the world and figuring out what that looks like in your life.

Helpful Practices for Listening for God’s Guidance

Each Sunday during October, you will find an insert in the bulletin that has the week’s devotions for “PrAY IT FORWARD” on one side and some tools for actively listening to God on the other. Did you miss worship? You can download the insert here:

September 28 (devotions only)
October 5
October 12
October 19

Voices from the Community

In an effort to help all of us remember that God is active all around us in our daily lives, a couple of years ago we launched something we call GODStuff: Incarnation Connections and Faith. Many great stories have been told during GODStuff recordings about God’s activity through people and experiences that God puts in our lives to help us in our faith journeys. One of the many positive outcomes of a capital appeal, such as our current one: Pray it Forward, is the opportunity to think about and express gratitude to God for the many gifts we have been given – as individuals and as a community of faith. In this video, which was played in worship on September 28, you’ll hear some of the responses of GODstuff participants to the question: What are some things about Incarnation for which you are grateful?

Capital Appeals such as the one we are entering into this fall, are much more than just about money, about paying the bills. In our current capital appeal, Pray It Forward, one of the most important pieces is the Spiritual Life Team. They are responsible for the weekly devotions being sent out by email and inserted into the bulletin each Sunday in October. They are responsible to uphold this whole process in prayer. They are given the task of helping all of us approach this capital appeal paying attention to how God wants us to use the gifts we have been given to spread and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in our world.

In this video, three members of that group, Larrie Reese, Anne Cremons, and Rosalie Grosch, are talking about prayer and the importance it plays in the life of Incarnation and of each of us.

If you have questions about Incarnation’s “PrAY IT FORWARD” Capital Campaign, contact the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213.