Online Giving

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There are a number of ways to give your gift. In addition to sharing your offering during worship, you have the option of signing up for an automated giving program online, making a one time Online Gift/Donation, or by planned giving to the Endowment Fund. The following link may also be used to pay for some classes and opportunities that have a fee. View descriptions of giving categories.

*** If you currently are set up to automatically give online, prior to January 2020, please click here for special instructions to establish your new automatic giving account via Realm.***

You Can Give Through Text!

Giving through texting is easy and secure. Simply text ILCTEXT to 73256 and follow the link to complete the process to donate online.

Giving Categories

The descriptions below match our standard giving categories on the Online Donation form.

Operating Budget

The operating budget is the on-going ministry budget of the congregation covering the day to day operations including staff salaries, program resources, worship, and our benevolence to ministries beyond Incarnation through the ELCA, St. Paul Synod, Lutheran Social Services, and other ministry partners. Annual reports are available in the Incarnation Office listing all the lines that are included in this budget. A budget is set by the Congregation Council each year and approved by the congregation at the Annual Meeting in January. The final budget is based on both ministry needs and anticipated income from giving. At Incarnation, historically, this budget does not include the mortgage for the building.

Capital Appeal

This fund covers the mortgage for the building. At Incarnation the mortgage is separate from the operating budget. This reflects our commitment to and hopes for the on-going ministry of this faith community, now and in the future. It recognizes that without adequate space, our ministry won’t grow and we won’t be able to bring Christ’s Good News to more people in the community. At this time, the Capital Appeal primarily covers month-to-month mortgage payments.

Holy Days

Some people like to make a special offering on the special occasions of the church year. Holy Days include Wednesdays in Lent, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Memorials are gifts to Incarnation in the name of anyone who has passed away. The pastoral staff uses these funds as needed for special projects and church improvements, including purchasing new paraments for the worship spaces.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund provides additional resources, apart from regular giving, for the enhancement of the mission and vision of Incarnation. The special feature of this fund is that the contributions are never spent; only the invested earnings are used each year. A contribution to the Incarnation Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps giving every year to complement Incarnation’s ministries. Many gifts are to the Endowment Fund in memory, similar to memorial gifts. The interest from the fund is used to fund scholarships and special requests.

ELCA Good Gifts

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we believe that God is calling us into the world – together. And with generous, loving hands, we can make a difference. Donate money to the ELCA Good Gifts where your funds will be used towards purchasing livestock and other goods for people in need around the world.

End of Year Reminders

Online Giving

If you currently give electronically and have increased or need to make changes to your commitment for 2021, please remember to log into your Realm account to make those adjustments effective for January 2021. If you are currently signed up through Realm for reoccurring donations, do not have any changes for 2021 and do NOT have an “END DATE” recorded, there is no need to do anything as they will continue beginning in January. If you scheduled your donations to stop at the end of the year, you will need to go into your Realm account and schedule new donations to start in January. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Faymoville, Financial Secretary via email or 651-484-7213.

2020 Contribution Deadline

Checks and cash that are mailed and received at the Incarnation Office on or before Saturday, December 26 will be credited to your 2020 giving statement and may be claimed as a charitable contribution deduction for 2020. Due to the challenges of COVID and mail pick-up, we are asking for an earlier cut-off this year than the normal December 31 deadline, so that we have time to process all of the end of year donations. Online gifts are subject to business hours processing and must be processed prior to December 31. Thank you for your support!

Grants/Charitable Funds & IRA Distributions

If you plan on making a donation via a grant/charitable fund or an IRA distribution before the end of the year, please submit those prior to December 8 to allow for end of year processing. Processing time between various financial companies and Incarnation can take up to three weeks.

Stock Gifts to Incarnation

Stocks make an ideal gift to the Incarnation Operating and Capital fund with contributions of all sizes working for Incarnation’s mission. If you want to donate a gift of stock, please take action before December 15 (or as soon as possible) to ensure the transfer is complete before the end of the year. Please contact Amy Faymoville to let her know of your stock transfer so she knows who is donating it as well as the number of shares and the name of the stock. Otherwise we receive stock and do not know who is donating it. Please contact  Amy Faymoville, for information on how to make a stock donation to Incarnation’s Fidelity Investment account. Note: We received some gifts of stock in 2020 that we have not been able to link to a donor. If you donated stock and you have not seen this Non-Cash donation appear on your quarterly giving statement, please contact  Amy Faymoville, so we can record it in your giving account.

Questions about Online Giving? Contact Amy Faymoville.