Church membership means different things to different people depending on background and former experiences. At Incarnation, membership is not about privileges, but about sharing responsibility for carrying out Incarnation’s mission, vision, and values. Membership is valued at Incarnation and membership is one of the ways we partner with each another and God to carry out what God has called this faith community to be about.

You are invited to enter and engage in ministry in whatever ways that make sense to you. We want you to be a part of what’s happening at Incarnation and participate in ways meaningful to you and your family, supporting growth and faith in Jesus Christ.


Many engage within the Incarnation community as participants, as people who feel connected to Incarnation, participate in worship whether online or in person, and are a part of ministry through one’s own and/or family involvement.

Voting Member

Participants who desire a greater commitment to partnership and wish to formalize their relationship with Incarnation, seek to become Voting Members of Incarnation. Voting Members participate in the decision-making activities held during Congregational meetings, and have the opportunity to serve on ministry teams and governing body leadership teams. Those who wish to step into voting membership, prepare by participating in Discover Incarnation and are received into membership during worship by making public and mutual promises. Discover Incarnation is a 3 ½ hour workshop which contains information about Incarnation’s mission, vision, and values as well as ways those elements are lived out through ministry. Learn more.

Questions about membership? Contact Becky Benson.