Ralph Reeder Foodshelf

Incarnation partners with the Ralph Reeder Foodshelf, which serves residents in the Mounds View School District. Volunteers sort food and stock shelves at the New Brighton facility. People can donate money or food for the foodshelf at any time. To donate food and other household supplies, simply place them in the foodshelf bin which is located in the Atrium (near the nursery).  Throughout the year, Incarnation has various special drives for the foodshelf:

  • Operation Christmas Joy collects and distributes toys and food in December.
  • During March, Incarnation participates in the statewide Minnesota Foodshare Month.
  • During July, Incarnation holds the Ton of Love Summer Food Drive. The goal is to gather 4,000 pounds of food and household goods to restock food shelf supplies during a time when stock is dwindling and demand is high.
  • stocked shelves at RR
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  • inside of trailer with LyndaT 3159
  • full bin with household products
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  • at RR donations from NNO
  • RR birthday bag area

Tons of Love Results: 6,889 lbs of food and goods collected!

Ton of Love was upgraded to Tons of Love for 2014. Incarnation’s goal was to collect two tons of food for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf between July 6 and August 3. The people of Incarnation collected 6,889 lbs of food, well over the 4,000 lb goal, and $6,131.14. Thank you for your generous support!

“I saw a mom and dad (and 2 children) listen thoughtfully to the volunteer who explained what we were doing, then took the whole cart of prepared bags to buy. I imagine there was an interesting discussion as the family shopped for their own groceries. Many times we heard ‘I don’t want a hot dog, can I just donate the money?’ I saw God in all the people who really listened to the explanation, and took the list of suggested items. I think He was nudging an awful lot of people as they pushed their cart through aisles full of food that they had a choice to buy or not. Not everyone has that luxury.”

- Barb Davis, Incarnation member

“Incarnation Lutheran Church always goes above and beyond to help their neighbors in need. The Ralph Reeder Food Shelf is very lucky and grateful to have such a generous and supportive partner right here in our community! Thank you for your donations of time, talents, food and dollars! The Tons of Love Cub Foods Event was as fun as it was successful! Thanks to all of the volunteers and donors who helped to raise over 3,400 pounds of food that day and nearly $600 in donations for our food shelf!”

- Lisa Baker, Ralph Reeder Food Shelf Program Supervisor

“I glimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven at the Cub store on Lexington last Sunday. My favorite part was seeing people from the community come up to the trailer with bags of food or accepting one can of food from the hands of a child. It was such a great reminder that Jesus calls us to serve our neighbors and that giving generously and being open to receive the gifts of others is what it’s all about.”

- Lynda Thompson, Pastor for Missions

If you missed the Tons of Love event don’t worry; Ralph Reeder will still be collecting school supplies through August 20 and they are always collecting food and household items.  Click here for a link of suggested food and household items.  Click here for a list of school supplies.

Questions about Ralph Reeder Foodshelf? Contact Pastor Lynda Thompson.