Ralph Reeder Foodshelf

Incarnation partners with the Ralph Reeder Foodshelf, which serves residents in the Mounds View School District. Volunteers sort food and stock shelves at the New Brighton facility. People can donate money or food for the foodshelf at any time. To donate food and other household supplies, simply place them in the foodshelf bin which is located in the Atrium (near the nursery).  Throughout the year, Incarnation has various special drives for the foodshelf:

  • Operation Christmas Joy collects and distributes toys and food in December.
  • During March, Incarnation participates in the statewide Minnesota Foodshare Month.
  • During July, Incarnation holds the Ton of Love Summer Food Drive. The goal is to gather 4,000 pounds of food and household goods to restock food shelf supplies during a time when stock is dwindling and demand is high.
  • stocked shelves at RR
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  • inside of trailer with LyndaT 3159
  • full bin with household products
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  • at RR donations from NNO
  • RR birthday bag area

March is Minnesota Food Share Month

Throughout the month of March, Incarnation will again participate in Minnesota FoodShare Month. All of the food and donations collected will benefit Incarnation’s ministry partner the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in New Brighton. Lisa Baker, Program Supervisor for Ralph Reeder writes: “Thank you for supporting the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Hunger and even homelessness are no longer just an inner city problem, but are pervasive in the suburbs and increasing at an alarming rate. Demand for food in our area has hit an all – time record high and is up 34% since 2008 and up 89% in the past ten years. We are currently giving out an average of 33,000 pounds of food each month to 450 households, made up of over 1300 individuals. A successful March campaign is critical for our food shelf and the people we serve. Not only does this important campaign bring in large amounts of food for the food shelf, but portions of the donations, both cash and food, are matched by MN FoodShare and the Feinstein Foundation – so every donation is being stretched to its absolute fullest!”

Specially marked bags will be available at Incarnation during March as a reminder of the food drive. Cash envelopes are available at the collection bin in the Atrium and at the Information Center. The bulletin board has a list of needed items. All of those suffering from food insecurity in our area are grateful for your generosity.


Questions about Ralph Reeder Foodshelf? Contact Pastor Lynda Thompson.