Financial Stewardship

As Christians, we believe that all life is a gift from God, and that everything we have ultimately belongs to God. We give of the financial resources God has given us because God uses them to change the world and to change us. Grateful and generous giving is important to our life of faith in God.

Living Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Your gifts, sharing of your time, abilities, and financial resources, help Incarnation thrive as a faith community living out our mission. Here are just a few ways that your gifts are important:

  • green bagYou support excellent Incarnation staff that facilitate every aspect of faith life
  • You provide resources that volunteers use to lead stimulating and educational small groups
  • You provide life-giving help to those in need
  • You help give youth strong foundations in Christian life
  • You make it possible for Incarnation to connect with Christian communities around the world
  • You support the maintenance of our facilities, keeping them safe and inviting
  • You support our ability to deliver multiple outstanding worship experiences every Sunday.

When each of us gives faithfully, we do God’s work together.

An Offering of Gratitude

Several times a year, during the offering portion of worship, we celebrate and give thanks for specific ways that we as Incarnation are living out our mission, vision and values. Here is the most recent Offering Slideshow:

June 2017: Our Values–Generosity

View previous Offering Slideshows.


Making a Financial Pledge

Prayerful Generosity

As you think about your intent for financial support of Incarnation’s mission and ministry, please prayerfully take some time to think about how God wants you to be a part of God’s life changing work in this world. If you feel that you are not where God wants you to be in this area, take some conscious steps to grow in generosity. Consider increasing your giving by a percentage of your income to move you closer to where you want to be in grateful response to the life God has given you. Generosity and grateful living not only change the world around us, but they truly do change us and give us more life.

Completing Your Pledge Cards

October 30 was Commitment Sunday at Incarnation. Members and active participants who have requested financial pledge materials who were present in worship completed their pledge cards for the 2017 Operating Budget and the remaining years of the PrAY IT FORWARD Capital Appeal and placed them in the offering as an act of worship. If you are new to Incarnation and would like to receive financial pledge materials, please contact the Incarnation Office at 651-484-7213 or by emailing Kelsey Mackereth.

Thank you again for your faithfulness and your partnership in living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.